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Jewelry Website Design for Retailers & Vendors

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How many times this past December did you say “Oh I should’ve done that… I’ll do that next year…”

So that you don’t get stuck in late November without a gameplan, we have an innovative pre-programmable system that will reveal text, graphics, store hours, and more instantly when the clock hits the day it needs to be up.

Now you can pre-set all your holiday information (extended hours, special sales, promotions) prior to November so that while you're helping an in-store holiday customer you know your website is driving even more customers to the store than ever before. This holiday module is called ELF and it’s time to make sure your next yuletide season is merry, bright, and ready!

Wouldn't you like some free time?

Don't believe anyone who says setting up a website is easy. On the surface it might be easy, but the fine details you need to learn before the website is profitable is hard. We're taking a different strategy and trying to do all the hard work for you, so you don't have to worry.
"It will take less time for us to create a jewelry website for you than it will for you to figure it out yourself."
-George Blair IV

We read daily and our staff fights over Instore Magazine each month when it arrives. You don't have to worry about training us because we keep on top of jewelry trends and give you monthly idea on how to use your website successfully.

Our pricing structure makes it easy for a cash strapped small retail jeweler to have a high quality website that can help slowly build business. You have the comfort of knowing we are always here to support you.

We have a plethora of information here, so look through our website and give us a call. Or give us a call if you don't have time to read and just want to talk: Pre-Sales 888-872-0274

Jewelry Website Design
• Website Refreshing & Redesign.
Jewelry Website Consulting.

Search Engine Optimization
Click to see 3 different options for jewelry websites.

Google AdWords:
Our Setup fee is $940 for more than 200 ad variations using more than 30 keywords. Monthly management is $630 for the full service plan. You can discontinue without obligation.

Writing Blog Articles
We free up your time by writing and adding blog entries or articles to your website.

• FREE State JA Sites - Call us for details. We don't have this information on the website yet. example

Featured Jewelers Portfolio

Our website has a lot of details about our services, but if you find it overwhelming just give us a call. Our services are transparent, and our website tells you everything about us.

• Our goal is to lessen your stress over your website.

You should concentrate on running your jewelry business; let us handle the technical stuff of jewelry website design and programming.

Value Added options for all customers:
Educational jewelry content for your website.
Make your website appear higher in search engines.

These consulting services offered free to every customer:
• Help you select what to sell online and what not to.
• Sharing of what we know about the economy of online jewelry stores throughout the country.
• Provide an internet strategy that will increase your business!

Psiclopedia™ Junior CMS (built on 12+ years)

Designed for the Jewelry Business, here's what our Psiclopedia™ Junior 3 Content Management System can do for you:
• Built in SEO techniques for high positioning in search for local jewelry stores.
• Built in SEO techniques to help with dissemination of brand awareness online.
• Product database with 70+ descriptive fields for jewelry ecommerce.
• Email Marketing tied to your customer database for easy management.

There are currently two versions of Junior: One for Jewelry Stores and the other for Organizations that have business members, like the Kansas Jewelers Association

Other services:
• Training for SEO and Search Engine Marketing.
• Create and implement online marketing strategies.
• Online Video Marketing, including YouTube.
• Social Networking, including Facebook & MySpace.
• Integration with Abbott Jewelry Systems, The EDGE.

Website design for independent retailers.

HomeOur approach is very simple. Provide Enterprise level web service features to Independent Jewelers for a fraction of the cost, and none of the stress of hiring your local guy.

We bring you more than just fancy looking websites. We bring you 100% customer interactive websites that your customers will enjoy coming back to again and again while at the same time giving you the tools to track your advertising dollars and your customer's point of origin.


Jewelry Website Features

  • Online Wish lists
  • Pay for Layaways Online
  • Tracking Ad Point of Origin
  • Cell Phone Advertising
  • CMS
  • Product Catalog
  • Tons of Analytics!
  • In person training to understand it all!
  • Complete web design and programming service.

    HomeYou have the option of selecting one of our pre-made designs for a faster time to deployment, or we can custom build a design unique to your store. Regardless how we achieve the website design, rest assured that it will reflect your jewelry store's look and it will depict the personal service your offer each and every customer.

    After your website is complete, at your option, you will have the ability to edit all the content on your site through an easy to use, yet extremely powerful CMS called PsiclopediaTM.

    After that, we have a host of other service including SEO, Online-to-Offline Marketing, Offline-to-Online Campaign Tracking, In Person Web Marketing Training, In Person Technical Training, Assistance with Updates and of course Technical Support.

    Let us help you.