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Google AdWords Service

Google AdWord Management: Management service goes deeper in finding additional keyword phrases and "Long Tail Search Requests." Find Out More

The Google AdWords service is a Pay Per Click (PPC) online marketing technique.

AdWords appear on Google Search Result Pages (known as SERPs for short) and on millions of other websites around the internet.

The idea is that Google will provide relevant ads for the topic you are searching or the content you are reading about. We call this targeted marketing since the ads are shown to people searching for your product or service. People click ads they find interesting to find out more information. The reason this is called Pay Per Click is because you only pay for the ads that people click on. You could appear in front of thousands of eyeballs, but you only pay for the people interested in your ad.

The location of your ad on a SERP is determined through a bidding system where the highest bidder gets the top position. In case you don't specifically know, we are talking about the "Sponsored Links" you see at the top of the Google SERP and in the right margin.

This advertising method really does produce results. If done correctly you will spend less money for each qualified sales lead then it would cost to pay a sales person to do the same. When we first started our own AdWords campaign we only paid Google $130 the first two months and got 4 qualified sales leads.

The more money you allocate to your Google AdWords budget every month, the more qualified leads you will get.

The best PPC campaigns are those that supplement organic search optimization efforts. Your ads will be most effective if they show up along side your natural search results.

Why hire us? Google AdWords management is tedious, and requires constant monitoring. Submitting to the pay search engines is a regular process not a one time service that you can then forget about. It is a chess game or keyword research and position management. We will not cost you money, they will make you money.

Google AdWord Management

SEOOtherwise known as Pay Per Click advertising, Google AdWords are the ads you see at the top and in the right margin of all Google Search Result Pages. You also find Google AdWords throughout the web on many sites, usually indicated as "Sponsored Links."

Our Management includes ALL the market research needed to find the correct keywords for your ads based on to the current content on your site. Our service goes deep into finding keyword phrases and "Long Tail Search Requests." This is a tedious process and requires constant monitoring, yet it produces far greater results because we target the areas your competition is over looking.

This management service also includes creating image ads in addition to your text ads. Additionally we use Google Ad Planner to select the content websites (i.e. a website using Sponsored Liks) your ad should also appear on.

We will also make monthly recommendations of new content that should be added to your site to produce better AdWord results.

Your monthly Google AdWords spending will be set at whatever amount of money you want to spend, but we do recommend committing more than $2000 to AdWords each month in addition to our service fees.

Remember, AdWords produces real sales results because only the people interested in your ad will click on it. It is our job to figure out how to exactly target the customers you want to attract.

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