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Offline-Online Marketing Tracking for Jewelry Websites

If most purchases are still made offline, does it make sence for offline retailers to run online marketing campaigns?

Offline-Online MarketingWe admit that it's very difficult to measure the effectiveness of advertising on the internet. But according to eMarketer in 2007 there was $500 billion in offline purchases that were influenced by the internet!

We have been monitoring how people are using the internet and have noticed that effective offline marketing is driving people online to search for more information. Actually, according to research, they found that 67% of online searchers are driven to perform search from exposure to offline marketing.

Of that 67%, fully 39% purchased a product or service from the company that had prompted the search.

You are probably wondering how can you as a small business owner can use these online and offline marketing efforts for yourself.
•  Offline ads must have a synergy with online ads.
•  Require a call to action to respond online.
•  Use keywords that bring people to your site in offline marketing.
•  Put URLs in your offline ads.
•  Tailor your offline & online marketing to target a specific persona. provides the needed tools.

Offline-Online Marketing

You can hire us to help integrate all your advertising efforts into one cohesive campaign, but that's a big step to take and we would rather our customers develop trust in our ideas before they spend a lot of consulting dollars.

The image to the left shows the typical starting point. Notice the "Registration Number," this is the tool that directly measures the success of your traditional offline marketing.

All advertising agents will spin stories of how they can deliver your ad to some number of people... local newspaper circulation of 12,000 residents; drive time listeners of 500,000; prime time viewers of a second rate cable TV station of 100,000... but how many of those people are actually paying attention to your ad, better yet, how many are reacting to it?

If every one of your ads had a required call to action to register online you could tell exactly how many of those 12,000 or 500,000 or 100,000 people were actually paying attention to your ad.

Obviously if the offline marketing is not producing any registrations you can divert your advertising dollars elsewhere. has knowledge and the technology tools to prove the success or failure of all your offline advertising, and we can improve them using actual data from your website.

These are the basics, if your want to know more you have to hire us!
Let us help you.