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Jewelry Industry Web Programming and Web Development

Programming and Development for Retail Jewelers Website Development

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We do not want our jewelry website customer to bite off more than they can chew. It takes a lot to own and run your jewelry store, and it will take a lot of time to run a successful jewelry website.
Jewelry Web Programming
The way we see it, we don't want our friendly independent jeweler to become the cold sterile faceless Internet e-tailer. Instead, we want to offer you internet tools that will get the person to notice your internet ads and attract them to make the initial visit to your site. Through the jewelry website design techniques we use your site visitors will be engaged by the initial experience and if the site is what they are looking for we want them to find it empowering and easy.

jewelry Web ProgrammingOnce your jewelry website has attracted attention of new site visitors and you have told your current jewelry shop repeat customers about it, we will provide additional features that will entice everyone to subscribe to your site and become members of your store community. We will teach you how to show value to your users, which in tern makes them willing to join your jewelry website.

Once site visitors join your site you will need to keep them interested. We will provide the additional tools and services to you can broaden and deepen the relationship your community members have with your jewelry store, through your website.

These are the services of a web programming firm specializing in jewelry website design. The internet is not just our job, it's part of everything we do here. We are full time jewelry website programmers. Our internet jewelry website business is our primary business, not an ad on service. Everything we do is done in house. We don't sub-contract to other countries and when programming unique applications you can even speak directly to our programmers.

Jewelry Website

Some of the additional, and certainly more advanced jewelry website programming techniques we employ include the Psiclopedia™ Content Management System. Version 6.x is now available and it was built specifically for the jewelry industry and includes very advanced online services such as eLayaways, Repair Status, Cell Phone Website publishing (.mobi technologies), syndication technologies and much more.

Services Included To All Our Customers

• Consultation on Internet Services and what to use them for.
• Domain name registration with GoDaddy/Wild West.
• Website hosting using RedHat Linux with WebDNA.
• Training to use the toold we give you.
• Training to communicate with jewelry website visitors.
• Emails matching your domain name, including Anti-Virus and Spam Filtering.

Web Programming Using:

• WebDNA
• JavaScript

Database Servers:
• WebCatalog
• mySQL

Multimedia Systems:

• Adobe Flash
• Adobe PhotoShop
• Adobe ImageReady
• Adobe Premiere
• Real Publisher
• Live Audio Broadcasts
• Live Video Broadcasts
• Web Cams
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