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Jewelry Web Design Services

The Best Jewelry Websites are more than the initial website design. You need continual online advertising using these services.

Basic Update Service is included in our normal month fee. Each of the above services has their own additional monthly fee.

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Our current rule is that we will not create more than 3 jewelry websites that use the same original jewelry website template or design.

Although we do tell you to look at our Jewelry Website Templates, we do not create them all to look alike. With there is no such thing as a cookie cutter website.

We do not want all our customer websites to look 100% alike. That would not reflect highly on us. Instead, we will show you everything there is to offer and let you select design options that you like best.
Keep in mind though that we will tell you to ignore certain previous designs if we've already created 3 similar to it.

When you find something you like our jewelry website designers will customize it specifically for your needs or your suggestions. HOWEVER, we will NOT allow you to suggest something that will create difficult user interaction -- We're the experts, we own our own server room and we have mountains of data guide us to the right and wrong things to do with a jewelry website.

Our latest web services include mobile technologies that are easy to implement, easy to update and even have m-commerce (that's e-commerce features on a cell phone). We're pushing the limits of internet marketing and tying them into each jewelry store website.

We invite you to search the web for another jewelry web design or jewelry web programming company that can provide our same level of outstanding functionality and ease of customization for a better price. We will gladly compare our service to any other company servicing the jewelry industry. In fact, we'll gladly give you a list of our competitors and their websites so you can check them out for yourself. We are as confident in our service as you are in yours!

The Process of Designing Your Website

Choose a template design or send us your branded marketing materials and we create something unique.
Go to our jewelry website Template page and determine what designs will best reflect your business. Look beyond color and graphics, as those will be altered with the information you send us... which brings us to step 2.

Choose the colors to be used.
We will need to know what color scheme you want, whether you are recreating your advertising campaigns, highlighting your showroom's carpet and cases, or complimenting your logo.

We must stress that your website is meant to reflect your store, NOT your vendors, not your affiliations, and not your competition. Please keep that in mind and use only colors that make sense for you. If you have green walls and your boxes are seafoam and your catalogs use that gentle purple wave from your logo, don't get a bus yellow website. Every month we create new designs, follow new styles and we create several websites that have the potential to be the next best websites for jewelers, but we don't want to compromise ROI just to make your site look the best.

Send us your logo in PSD or high quality digital image (preferably not gif/jpg format) and your store images.
This way we can insert them into the designs you like. What you think will work for you may look completely different once we put your information in.

Review and approve design of site.
Our examples will be jpgs, and not full versions of the site. Once you approve the design of your choice, we will create a full HTML version.

Approve HTML preview of site.
Make sure you like everything when it's full-size, and sign off on the HTML. At this juncture, we will then create all the other pages that your site will have and start putting in the content you've supplied.

Approve final site to go live.
When everything is completed, you will be ask to sign off finally on the site to go live.
Let us help you.