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Website Consulting and Evaluations

Trying to put a website together and don't know where to begin?

Maybe You've already spent a lot of money on a website and have yet to see results?

Matthew Perosi is available for telephone consultations in the following topics:

Jewelry Website Usability Heuristics

Jewelry Web Design

Evaluations of website proposals
(i.e. don't hire us, but I'll tell you if someone else is giving you a fair deal)

Training on Google AdWords

SEO Training

Reputation Tracking & Fraud Prevention

Website Consulting Rates

Please fill out our Contact Us page for a consulting quote.

no minimum.

Payable via Google Checkout.
(We will send you an invoice via email.)


Consulting Availability

Call 973-413-8213 right now.

An appointment will be set up if Matthew is not available when you call.

Consulting is freely available to all current customers with monthly update or tech support contracts; or current customers who are trying to re-evaluate a new direction for their website.

Consulting fees paid in the previous 30 days can be applied toward any website servive.

Let us help you.