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Technical Support & Training

Tech support is available via email or telephone.

Email: support(at)

Phone: 973-413-8214


Training should be scheduled in advance and you should make sure you can be uninterrupted for at least 1 hour.

Please call 973-413-8214 to set up a training time.

2 hours of training is included with all Psiclopedia Jr. websites.

5 hours of training is included with all Psiclopedia eBusiness websites.

Additional training is available at $100 per hour.

CrossLoop PC Remote Control Support

Support and Training is also available via live remote control of your PC.

Matt and George are available to assist you. You must have the CrossLoop program installed on your computer.

1. Download the CrossLoop Program, Click here

2. Call us

3. Give us the CrossLoop code to take control of your PC.

NOTE: Please make sure to close anything you do not want us to see when we remote access your PC.
Let us help you.