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What's New

We launched a new version of Psiclopedia Junior in October. VERSION 2 is official. This is a culmination of several features we've built for individual people over the last year. Now all the new features are ready to distribute to everyone.

New features include:
1. Customer Module
Contact form will automatically save the information to your in-stand customer list so that you can contact them as needed; and keep track of their information.

2. Wedding Registry
When your engaged couples create registries in-store, (Wine Goblets: quantity, 4) you can add them to your website for your customers to access. You will have the power to modify it down to the date so your brides and grooms will know exactly what they're getting and their guests will know exactly what to get! Includes Customer Module.

3. Wholesale Pricing of Products
Set your catalog to wholesale or special price values based on specific customer accounts. Includes Customer Module.

4. Contest Module
Run a contest, inviting your customers to sign-up with their names and any other fields you request. Provide survey questions and determine what they'll win for their submission. Includes Customer Module.

5. Blog Module
Keep your thoughts in one place without having to link to an outside source. Comes with the features that you're familiar with on those journals: the ability to post your thoughts, accept comments, set multiple blog users, tag and label your posts appropriately, and include photographs. This is traditionally a more casual way of keeping in touch with your customers and providing humanity to the internet world.

6. Article Module
Feature your literary comments on the industry, the state of the world, or something new and exciting you've learned. The ability to accept comments, set multiple writers, tag, and label your articles appropriately, and include photographs. This is traditionally a more professional way of keeping your customers aware of your expertise and providing education to them via the web.

7. Newsletter Module
Create your own email blurbs to send out providing quick announcements and news, whether it's about your saleperson's new baby or this hot new item you've just got in stock. Personability keeps the lines of communication going--it gives them a reason to stop by, and something to say once they've gotten there!

8. New EDGE Upload Module
Upload direct from the EDGE and feature your products daily with one click. You will be responsible for any charges that Abbot Jewelry Systems requires for their services.

Inquire for a specific quote for an upgrade from what you already have to the V2 Jr. so we can determine any discount rate that may apply to you.
Stay informed with the Toolbar

Keep updates with a ticker of the latest jewelry and top news stories.

One click access to the latest metal prices brought to you by

Messages direct to your toolbar with recommended website updates and online marketing ideas.

This toolbar finally replaces the "Alarm Clock Update Service" we used to provide via fax.

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Jewelry Photography Glass Plates

Working with a Radiant Essentials of Sparta, NJ (a dicroic glass plate and jewelry manufacturer) we have created a glass insert system for a light box.

Now you can take professional quality photos with ease, regardless the quality of your camera, or your level of experience.

Green, Spring 112-50
Streamer Black
Blue Egg 116-50
Pink, Spring

Click Here to view the Glass Plate Catalog

Psiclopedia™ Jr.

What's NewJunior is's easy-to-use Content Management System. Not as cumbersome or bulky as our Psiclopedia eBusiness System, Junior is a simple, user-friendly and easy way to both manage your inventory and edit other aspects of your website including, content and photos.

Junior is perfect for those jewelers who want the ability to edit and manage their site independently, quickly and easily. It is less complicated and easier to learn than Psiclopedia System, making all edits to your website quick and easy.

If you have a PayPal account, you will actually be able to sell online, without the hassle of signing up for a Secure Certificate or dealing with online credit card processing. Everything will be done with a quick link from PayPal!

Junior also has an optional ability to upload inventory directly from the EDGE software.
Let us help you.