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Link Building for Jewelers and Jewelry Stores

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This is hands-off tactic to increase your search engine ranking as well as build a local presence for your entire community.

Businesses in your area are contacted about a website dedicated to your town and local community. They will be informed that your jewelry store is sponsoring a website that tells locals and visitors about the stores, firms, restaurants, and offices in the surrounding location.

The website would contain links to all other business pages, including official homepages, Facebook accounts, and review sites. At the same time every page of the site would be building links to your own website and increasing your ranking simply by being a good neighbor.

A WordPress website would be created, as would a corresponding domain name, and JWEBS will contact the businesses in your area to freely add their information. You have to provide no legwork, no research, and no time to the project—and your website’s search engine ranking

More about Link Building...

Link building is one of the most tedious and labor intensive efforts in the entire search engine optimization arena. Google, Yahoo and Bing actively "splat" websites that sell hyperlinks or trade hyperlinks with their neighbors, making the overt link building process nearly impossible.

The "approved" method of link building is by adding excessive pages of content to your website in the hopes that random people will like what you write and will link to you. But this rarely happens in real life.

Until now we've stayed away from providing link building as a service simply because we didn't want to promise anything or create spammy results that would get us, and you, blacklisted from search engines.
Let us help you.