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On-Site Blogging for Busy Jewelers

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to add more pages to your site for SEO purposes. You're already talking about what you know, your customers are looking for information you can provide, and certainly every store has a personality that the customer-base needs to hear from when Lady Gaga walks out on a red carpet in a dress made of moose accented with pearl earrings.

People use blogs as Q&As (even if no one's actually asked; most FAQs are made up of questions you want to make sure are already answered, so why not cut to the chase and reply first?) or stories about brides, anecdotes, or trends, or store news.

Sales are great, but your blog should not be treated as a forum to get your customers to buy. They will be turned off by "you can buy this Parle opal pendant here" because they're reading this for education, levity, or to see their name up there.

By now, we expect you're probably thinking that you don't have time to dedicate to something like this. That's where we come in! With some quick emails back-and-forth, we can find out which vendors you carry that you want to mention (it's not salesy if you just happen to say that Scott Kay just happens to be on Iman's finger in the new issue of Italian Vogue and you carry Scott Kay) and some other points to include. Let us help build your blog for you; we'll keep it interesting, well-written, and still accessible to you for when you are inspired...and available.

On-Site Blogging on your behalf requires an up-to-date version of Jr. If you are presently using Jr. 3 or are not sure (or want to upgrade because on-site blogging is only one of some really great features), give us a call at 888-872-0274.

For more on why we say "blog, and blog now!" check out the Jeweler Website Advisory Group's take on the subject.
Let us help you.