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Online Marketing for Jewelry

Jewelry Website Search Engine Optimization & Jewelry Online Marketing Services

Your jewelry website is never complete. Like all your monthly advertising it needs to be updated constantly. You will maintain your website yourself using the Psiclopedia™ Content Management System, and we'll work on maintaining your online advertising efforts.

Continuing Internet Service:
  • Offline Marketing Integration
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google AdWords Marketing Management

We create websites for the jewelry industry. We are not a retail jewelry software vendor. The internet is our primary business and we are innovative leaders in ways to use web 2.0 interaction between jewelry websites and customers.

Offline-Online Marketing

Offline-Online MarketingThis feature is now built into many forms we have in our jewelry specific content management system.

Simply put, you can print a unique code on your direct mail or other offline marketing and ask people to use that code when registering on your website.

The code can be used on most forms, Facebook Integration and even simple newsletter/email signups.
Offline-Online Marketing
Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Search Engine Optimization - SEOSEO is a very tedious process and most of the time you can't see the results for several months. There are a lot of SEO professionals and it's difficult for you to choose the correct company that will increase your business visibility on the internet. is staffed with professionals that know the jewelry industry. Let us work on your SEO.
Search Engine Optimization - SEO
Google AdWords Service

Google AdWords Service• Advertise to people searching on Google and the Display Network
• Reach people actively looking for information about your jewelry
• Easily control costs - pay only when people click on your ad
• Test Ads, Image Ads, Mobile Ads all targeting your customers

• $100 free AdWords credit for any new AdWords account
Google AdWords Service
Let us help you.