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Setup, Design & Training
Month for Hosting, Support and Updates

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This is easy!

Let us concentrate on the technology of putting your jewelry website together. All you need to worry about it writing some information about yourself for the website.

The packages you see below are starting points we show all our customers. We can custom build for your needs, but these packages are what most jewelry stores choose when creating their jewelry websites.

Every jewelry web site includes the basic pages. You then can choose from our exhaustive list of other pages ranging from customer relations to jewelry education.

Your input and ideas are a very important part of the entire process we've created.

Web 2.0 abilities are built into most of these packages. Give us a call, and we'll help you pick one of these packages that will meet your needs.
Website Pricing

Determined Upon Your Needs
Cancel anytime; there's no minimum buy-in of monthly service

You pick 3 designs, we narrow it to 1 and create your site-editing area (called Junior); site goes up in a month, ready for your content to be put in by you. We will train you on how to add what you need to per page/item and life is good.
Website Pricing
eCommerce Info

This is one of the most frequent questions that we get from potential customers and customers that have been online for a few years. Usually, it's a case-by-case business. If you have this question, we're going to respond with some questions of our own.
eCommerce Info
Let us help you.