What's so special about Jeweler Websites, Inc.?

Over the years the two business partners, Matthew Perosi and George Blair IV, have established a tradition of forward thinking and tell-it-like-it-is advice. We've rebranded ourselves a few times to better match the evolution of the services we've provided through the years.

In this website we've decided to do our best to skip all the internet hyperbole about websites, search engine optimization, and online marketing. Instead, we did our best to give you straight information that explains exactly what we do and how we do it. In other words, instead of giving you the emotional marketing sales pitch we are giving you transparency. We understand the impulse to compare us to other website and website marketing firms out there, even those in the jewelry industry, but we've been confidently going in the progressive direction for almost double of most of those companies. We've always stuck by our principles of forward-thinking and not holding onto the expected or the norm too preciously.

Our Education Through The Years

Matthew Perosi giving a seminar on jewelry ecommerce in 2005Since 2005 the guys who own Jeweler Website, Inc. have made it their personal goal to offer education first. We are recognized as the website guys that focus more on education than making the next sales pitch for a fancy looking website.

We have never been seduced by the short lived trendy website themes, and never will be. We focus more on understanding usability and collected data, then teaching you all about it.

Our education can be found at industry trade shows, at local jewelry organizations, in magazines, and online.

A little history

We built our first website in 1994. It was a complicated website for the time with security, member accounts, and a database. Things immediately grew from there with experience in many different vertical markets. We joined the jewelry industry in 2003 and quickly made it our specialty. It wasn't until 2012 that we reincorporated with the name Jeweler Websites, Inc. Take a look at our history page is you want a play by play of the many years of business and website development.

Important things to know about us

You live and learn every day of your life and with every project you work on. We gain our experience because we work hands on with all our clients without outsourcing. We know what makes great internet experiences because of our years of hands on work.

Some specific point about us:
  • We've built more than 500 jewelry industry websites
  • We focus on making your jewelry brand website the best it can be
  • We don't push paid Facebook Ads or Google Ads on you
  • We make internet strategy recommendations based on your time and budget
  • We want to teach you how to manage your own site and online marketing
  • We believe in the DIY approach as long as you are using the right software
No one internet marketing method is better than another. There are commonalities between the needs and executions of all our jewelry website clients, but there's also enough differences that make them each unique. We understand that, and we work with that.

We take the hard road

We've seen many internet gimmicks that created a lot of website traffic. Eventually those gimmicks lead to search engine penalties or just the realization that the gimmick wasn't helping sales.

We stay away from gimmicks that will fill your website up and make it look great, but don't bring you the sales you are looking for. The biggest problem facing the jewelry industry is populating all of these websites with product information and photos. It's hard work and it's unavoidable.

For your best success of selling products online or in your store you need to give your potential buyers information about what you actually have in your store.

We firmly believe that the only way to build your brand and have financial success is to build your online catalog in such a way that matches your brand, and appeals to your customers either online or local.

We have ways of getting your own inventory on your site, and helping you manage it. We're here to give you the online tools to sell yourself online, no someone else.

We know it takes time, that's why we help you through it.