During Lockdown

Our Strategy & Recovery Plan for You
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We'll help you set up the new version of ecommerce, photo sharing, and video chat so you can get back to business.

We recognize the financial difficulty all jewelers are facing right now, therefore we've created an affordable Recovery Plan to help you get into an ecommerce website quickly and easily. See our jewelry website pricing page for details.

The Original Website & Point-of-Sale Platform BUILT FOR Jewelry Brands

People shop today by browsing information and products online first before they consider visiting your retail store.

Our software lets your potential customers read all about you, your services, and browse your live retail inventory. The modern customer wants to make their purchase decision before stepping foot in your door.

Our affordable website and software system is for small retail businesses, but it has the functionality of much larger platforms.

Creating Websites That Fit Into Your Customer's Journey

Customer journey cycle
Focus on the actions of your digital customer and all else will follow. We all act the exact same way before making a large purchase. We develop an interest, search online for some basic details, spend more time reading and figuring out exactly what to buy, making the purchase, then enjoying our ownership while raving to others. This is called the "Customer Journey" or life cycle.

You probably love your word of mouth referrals which lead to the next customer developing an interest in what you sell, but word of mouth isn't enough because that next new customer is still going to look you up online before stepping foot into your store.

When we design your jewelry website we create something specifically to help you get found in Google, provide that information for your customer's research, then lead the customer to the final purchase.

If you activate the social media sharing tools and online reviews your customers will be able to talk about their experiences and spark interest in someone else.

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Confused by Internet Jargon?

Confused iconInternet and marketing jargon is confusing and difficult to follow. You'll never feel lost when talking to us because most of the time we avoid the lingo.

Throughout this site you see marketing jargon and technical words linked to their explanations so you don't get lost.

Here are a few words to get you started: Brand, Content, SEO, Ecommerce, Owned media, App.

List some features of GlitterPaw Software

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Desktop, tablet, and smartphone functionality

"Mobile-First" is a common phrase among website designers. With GlitterPaw you have Dynamic Serving of your site, a more powerful method than Responsive Web Design that no other jewelry website design firm offers.

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Simple yet powerful

Simple interface to manage content and SEO without the resulting bloated code like WordPress, Magento, Shopify, Wix, or any other site builder software that's supposed to make website management easy.

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Simple online catalog to full blown POS

Upload your inventory and let your customers browse your catalog online or use the built-in functionality to run your ecommerce site and your in-store retail point-of-sale system at the same time.

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Websites to help those with disabilities

If you have more than 15 employees then you need to pay attention to the ADA website compliance rules. Actually, we feel that everyone should pay attention to these rules no matter their size because it's good customer service.

In October 2019 the US Supreme Court reinforced an ADA Compliance ruling which paved the way for small businesses to get sued if they don't make their websites usable by persons with disabilities.

Here's our supportive philosophy on making websites more usable by Americans with disabilities.


Partnerships that matter to Retail Jewelers

Jeweler Websites Inc. is delighted to join MJSA in their efforts to educate, unify, and serve the manufacturers, retail jewelers, and jewelry designers in the United States. Over the years we've partnered with several jewelry organization to help local jeweler and designers. Our current partnership with MJSA began 2017; through which we've attended several events with them as experts in the field of jewelry photography, jewelry website marketing, and jewelry ecommerce.

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Jewelry Website Design

We have a website for any budget.

Our jewelry website design projects have been on budgets as small as $1,500 USD and as large as $500,000. There's absolutely no reason that we can't create a website within your budget with the features that you need today along with an upgrade path ready for tomorrow's growth.

Our range of jewelry web design services will meet the needs of retail jewelry brands, jewelry designers, and jewelry vendors.

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SEO and Online Marketing

We don't believe you should be focusing too much attention on social media before spending the appropriate amount of time on making your website the best it can be for all your customers.

A good Search Engine Optimization strategy isn't just about getting everything right for Google, it's really about giving your customers what they want to read so they can make a purchase decision before ever stepping foot in your store. Check out our free SEO evaluation to see your current website status.

As part of your SEO, you should also be considering how your website appears for all users, even those with who have difficulties reading websites. That's where ADA compliance comes into play. Getting that right on your website won't just help your customers, it may also give you a little kick in your search engine ranking.

Our Education Through The Years

Since 2005 the guys who own Jeweler Website, Inc. have made it their personal goal to offer education first. We are recognized as the website guys that focus more on education than making the next sales pitch for a fancy looking website.

We have never been seduced by the short lived trendy website themes, and never will be. We focus more on understanding usability and collected data, then teaching you all about it.

Our education can be found at industry trade shows, at local jewelry organizations, in magazines, and online.