Consider how you, yourself, use the web

We bet that you browse for products and services online before stepping in a retail store. You probably read a ton of information about something before deciding to spend your money.

We all do the same now. The internet has changed the way we purchase, and it gives us the freedom to become an expert in a product or service before we spend our money.

It's all possible because other companies are publishing a lot of content on their websites and their social media accounts. We can all read that content without any sales pressure, and we can all convince ourselves to buy a product without any help from a sales person. Your own customers also want to be able to read about a product or service before purchasing; but if you don't have the information on your website you'll have a hard time capturing that sale.

Your own jewelry web design needs to fully explain what your brand does and give all the details of every product you sell in your store.

Building websites for jewelers to be used as a real sales tool

In the Facebook age we have come to rely on social media too much. Relying on social media means you are following their rules and can't build your website or other owned media that you control.

The new standard in retail is to show your actual inventory online with full product information. Even though jewelry customers will make the final purchase decision in person, they want to know exactly what you have in-stock before they set foot in your store.

If you prefer to get referrals from friends before shopping, then you understand the importance of online reviews both on your website and in other local directory services.

Reviews, information, and products are what people are looking for. This is the new retail trend that you should be paying attention to instead of wasting your money on social media and online paid ads.

The marriage of your website and POS

We have the first jewelry-specific website platform that has evolved into a point-of-sale system for jewelry brands. Inexpensive buy-in compared to purchasing any other POS and website separately.

If you don't already have a POS, or if your POS is old and isn't offering a full website solution, then you should consider us.