You're site will never be out of date again.

This bundle of apps speeds up your site management and gives shoppers more content to entice a purchase.

Content Extension Bundle
+$75 Monthly
Don't you just hate it when a website still shows an offer that expired weeks or months ago? It might not seem like a big deal, but outdated info on your home page will make shoppers think that your online catalog is also out of date, and that they shouldn't waste their time with your jewelry website.

The cornerstone of this Content Extension Bundle is the power to schedule content so your website will never be out of data again, even if you forgot about it for a few days.

The enhanced content types included in this bundle will engage and educate customers while transforming your ecommerce jewelry website into a traffic magnet.

Most jewelry website designs can clearly be categorized as either a selling site or an informational site. Some ecommerce sites attempt to add content features and some content sites attempt to add ecommerce features, but there's always a disconnect in functionality.

When this content bundle is added to your subscription, the entire design of your jewelry website will be seamless from ecommerce to content with information cross-linked and shared for aesthetics and improved SEO.
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GlitterPaw has several methods of scheduling content to change, appear, or disappear on your website at any future date.

Page content is easy to schedule. Every block of content on every individual jewelry website page has a timer to turn them on or off on a set date. This is especially useful for announcements like store events. You can show the event details on your home page until the day of the event, but then they turn off automatically so you don't have to worry about it.
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The Articles app allows you to publish all your educational content. You can publish new evergreen content and anything you've previously published.
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Tap into other markets by translating your website into a different language. The Multiple languages app copies all the pages of your site so your translator can rewrite the content. This app doesn't translate the pages for you, but it creates a copy of your website that you can have translated into another language. There's no limit to the number of extra languages you can apply to your website.
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Email newsletters are an important part of your marketing. Instead of using another platform, like MailChimp or Constant Contact, you can manage your emails easily right from within GlitterPaw with this app. Unlike those disconnected email platforms, all your email newsletters are archived on your website to make them easy to share on social media. Best of all, these archived newsletters become extra content on your website for search engines to ingest and add to the SEO value of your website.
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Allow users to leave messages on your website after they attend in-person and online events. The Guestbook app will expand the ability to capture more user generated content, which adds credibility to your online identity. The Guestbook app is in addition to the user generated content created with the Product reviews app that's included in the GlitterPaw Jewelry Ecommerce Website Subscription and the Testimonials app that's included in the Marketing Extension Bundle.
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The Photo Gallery is another self contained content app that allows you to manage various collections of photos. These collections can be easily displayed on your site anywhere or the gallery can be set up on it's on collection of pages.

The Photo Gallery is not intended for use with product photography because the product catalog system has it's own way of creating galleries of photos. It's better to reserve the Photo Gallery for all the photos taken at one of your store events or your promotional style/fashion product photos.

Although the normal content management system does have a repository for CMS related photos, the Photo Gallery is a better way to manage images when you have a lot associated with one topic.
In addition to the content scheduling feature explained above, this bundle also has a set of 9 content swap layouts. While the content scheduling feature allows you to set a timer to turn a block of content on or off, the swap layouts allow you to replace blocks of content on a page according to a scheduled date.

This is a handy way to set up a never ending schedule of new information that always appears in the same content block on your home page, events page, or on any other page. The schedule gives you the freedom to work on your jewelry website at your leisure without ever worrying that any page will be out of date again. You'll also never need to rush back to your website because you got busy and forgot to add or remove a date specific announcement.

If you're really adventurous, you can use the global Content Swap app (included in the Creator Extension Bundle) to rewrite every page of your website in preparation for a huge special event. Take your time and plan out this massive content swap as a special promotion to surprise all your customers. One flip of a switch will change everything, then change it back at the end of the day or when the promotion is over. This content swap works particularly well when you want to add a little extra holiday imagery to your site and you'd like to plan it months ahead of time.
The goal of this Content Extension Bundle is to help attract more traffic to your website and convince those who find your website to buy from you. Once you've launched the initial ecommerce part of your site you'll want to use this bundle to bring more traffic. At the same time that you're adding content, you'll also want to expand your product catalog to give those attracted customers more products to choose from, which is why this bundle gives you an additional bump of 10,000 product capacity on top of what you already have.

This Content Extension Bundle makes management of content more flexible while saving your more precious commodity, time.

Using technology to improve your work is a tenant of the Framework.

With these extra content apps on your site then, surly, you'll be bringing a more people to your site who will read that content then visit your online jewelry store.

The Content Extension Bundle expands your creative opportunities and increases your online jewelry sales opportunity.

The Content Extension Bundle is included as part of the GlitterPaw Advanced and GlitterPaw Expert subscriptions shown on our jewelry website design pricing page.

You also have the option of choosing any combination of bundles for your jewelry ecommerce website subscription.

It doesn't take much to get started with your own jewelry ecommerce website backed by GlitterPaw.

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