Reopening After More Than Three Months of Staying at Home

Can we just skip to the end of this story and have life back to normal?

We all know the story by now, 100 million Americans lost their jobs, small businesses closed and might not reopen, big businesses declaring bankruptcy, and everyone blaming one politician or another as all small business owners suffer.

Now we need to rethink our previous business and start rebuilding.

Rebuilding Your Business After Lockdown

Your Business is Now Under Reconstruction

Now is the time to reevaluate how your previous way of doing business adapt to the change of buying procedures, mindset, and behaviors. During the lockdown everyone has tapped into social media, video chat, and more online shopping than ever before. Small businesses and jewelers have to adapt to these new technologies to stay connected and relevant to their customers.

Reconstructing Your Future
We've put together this brief list of digital strategies that others have begun using with success:
  • Install live chat on your website

  • Invite customers to video chat with you instead of telephone or email

  • Add ecommerce to your website so you can sell your current inventory

  • Allow customers to order online with local delivery or fast curbside pickup or in-store pickup

  • Post open questions on your social accounts asking what customer's needs are, then post photos of those products to close a sale

  • Use PayPal product purchase buttons to your social accounts to give customers an easy way to pay you

Consider New Business Essentials

Operating your business the same way you've been doing it for the past decades won't work any more. Your biggest challenge is survival. You have to think of your business as if it's in a metamorphose or as a new start-up.

How will you get through? Here are some more ideas to think about.

What do you need to keep your business going right now?

Stop thinking about what you used to do and all the associated expenses to go back to that way of operating. Instead, what will it take for you to reopen your doors and cover your basic costs right now? Cut out everything that's unnecessary until customers ask you for those services and you can afford to reintroduce them.

Reconnect with all the customers you ever had.

Now is the time to get reacquainted with your customers. Once you have ecommerce on your website, or some way for customers to pay remotely, send an email, snail mail, or even give all your customers a phone call. Tell them about your new online ordering options and offer them a post-lockdown discount on their first online purchase.

Clearly explain your new procedures to everyone.

Everyone knows things will be different, it's up to you to help your customers make a smooth transition. Notify them of new policies regarding services while they wait, delays in product availability or services, any limitations on the number of customers you can have in your store, and your policy regarding wearing a mask.

Let us set up your ecommerce website

Obviously you knew that we make websites for jewelers and jewelry businesses. We are currently offering version 16 of our GlitterPaw website software. This is a hosted website solution similar to how Shopify is a hosted solution.

Actually, if you compared GlitterPaw to Shopify you would find out that you'd have to pay Shopify $479.86 per month to get the same features built into GlitterPaw.

Right now, during these economic hard times and rebuilding of businesses, we are office an affordable Recovery Plan to help you get into ecommerce. Our pricing page also has details for more elaborate options with setup costs of $5,000 or $7,000, but we understand the needs of jewelers right now and want to help everyone who has previously been hesitant about ecommerce.

Here's what we'll do for you:
  • You pick from one our themes. These are established and tested designs we stand by. By the time we add your colors, logo, and subtle style changes your site will look unique. It will also work on mobile devices.

  • We will train you quickly and help you populate the site fast. Time is of the essence. Whatever it takes, we'll push through to get you live with ecommerce.

  • You get a free copy of our expansive jewelry photography training. You need good photography in order to sell online. This will help.

  • PayPal checkout for your ecommerce. Your customers use PayPal, it's already secure and safe. Our integration with PayPal will even help give you the most protection against chargebacks, and we'll explain how to protect yourself with PayPal's TOS.

  • We recommend focusing on the products that are under $500 to start and work from there. Prior to the pandemic online buyers were willing to spend $500 without worrying about it. We expect that number will rise as buying habits have changed.

  • We will help you get your inventory online and keep it managed with the best practices that customers expect from an ecommerce website.

  • Our ecommerce platform has everything a retail jeweler normally needs to run their inventory, content management, and online sales. Other companies like to tout the power and glory of open source systems like WordPress, Shopify, or Joomla. We'll gladly explain our point of view on this topic. Development on GlitterPaw began in 1997, years ahead of all those open source systems, and we stand by it.

Here's our Recovery Plan

We will work with you personally for a dedicated hour per day until the site is launched, and we do all the backend things you don't need to be on the phone for.

  • $250/month
  • You have to pay for your SSL
  • No additional setup fee to get you up and running
  • Ecommerce using PayPal as the merchant service
  • No yearly hosting
  • Free tech support by phone or email
  • No bait and switch; 24-month price guarantee
  • After 24 months you can choose to stay on whatever plan we are offering at the time or convert to something better. We can't predict our pricing 24 months from now.

We are here for you, because we need you, you need us, and we know that together, we can get through this. Send us an email or just call us at 973-413-8212.