003. Facebook Antitrust Lawsuit and You


released December 15th, 2020
(recorded December 10, 2020) - 64 minutes

Introduction: George and Matt talk about VPNs and their surge in popularity.

What's that word?
— VPN - A Virtual Private Network connection establishes a secure connection between you and the internet through an encrypted virtual tunnel. Disguising your IP address, your location is invisible as you browse and also secures you from external attacks.

— Ominchannel - Omnichannel is strategy that unifies all methods of marketing and content channels (in-house, on social media, and websites) to improve user experience.

— Multichannel - Multichannel marketing is blending all of your individual distribution and promotional channels such as social media and website content, in addition to a physical retail store, and direct mail.

— CRM - Customer relationship management is the name given to the software you use to manage customer account records, communications, and tracking new customers through your sales funnel.

— Pixel - Installing a Facebook pixel on your business's site lets you track website activity, transfer your product catalog from your website to Facebook, and analyze your customer data. A Facebook pixel is actually a few lines of JavaScript code, with it installed, Facebook can serve ads to people who have visited your website, which is called retargeting. Google's version of this is called remarketing; basically, when see the same ads over and over.

— Javascript - Javascript is a dynamic html programming language that is able to create content that moves, changes, or updates on your screen without having to refresh the page.

— Cookies are text files with tiny bits of data that are saved to your web browser. Cookies can save usernames, recently viewed products, a shopping cart number, or anything else that would improve and enhance your web experience. They can save you time by automatically filling in form fields, identify your computer or network as a home or work computer, and save your preferences for a website.

b) Social Media Watch: Facebook is being sued by 46 states and territories, and here's what you should know.

- What's a monopoly?

- More about the lawsuit as per Reuters


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