004. The Landing Page Has Landed


released December 18th, 2020
(recorded December 14, 2020) - 59 minutes

a) Introduction: George and Matt chat recent Black Friday buys.

b) Industry News / Headlines: Matt goes through the latest editions of InStore Magazine and Southern Jewelry News as retail stores prep for the winter holidays.

“I know I need to sell online, but…” How do you do it? by Mia Katrin October 27, 2020 via SJN

"Your December trading starts right now: Edge Retail Academy checklist for a successful holiday selling season" by David Brown November 12, 2020 via SJN

What's that word?
— Avatar - A description of who your typical customer is, including what they look like, the type of job they have, their hobbies, what they eat, where they live, what they wear, what they watch, and any other characteristic that could be used to create a complete biographical description. An avatar is more than specifying an age range and an income level.

c) Fitting It Together:
004. The Landing Page Has Landed
004. The Landing Page Has Landed Inox-mobile-site-with-menu-issue-75004. The Landing Page Has Landed Inox-mobile-site-with-two-chat-features-60
An Inox Jewelry ad features a QR code with an unexpected result; we talk landing pages and link-trees and how they can be used effectively in social media like Instagram.

What's that word?
— Responsive website design - Responsive web design (RWD) is an element of web design wherein web pages render proportionally on a device's windows or screen size.

What's that sound? Just Santa on a firetruck during the annual parade around town. You'll hear a siren or two during the recording.

004. The Landing Page Has Landed

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