006. Blogging is the New Content Building


released December 25, 2020
(recorded December 21 2020) - 65 minutes

a) Introduction / Tech News Headlines - George and Matt exchange memories of Christmas traditions, from seven fishes to Trans Siberian Orchestra. Also Matt warns of the Solar Winds network monitoring company hack, which created a data breach on Windows platforms Orion Suite software. Apply the hot fix if your IT company uses Solar Winds/Orion Suite.

What's that word?
— Trojan horse - So named after that horse in Troy that the villagers mistakenly took as benign, this is a virus or malware that makes you think everything's fine while it insidiously attacks your computer.

006. Blogging is the New Content Building
Are you team Heat Miser or Snow Miser?

b) Content Building - Blogging

— Back link analysis - This shows you all of the links that search engines are pointing to and linking to your website and attempting to give you credit for, organically. It provides more understanding why that may or may not be happening. It lets you know what links are bad, which are SPAM that can hurt your ranking and that you can disavow (thanks but no thanks) so it doesn't hurt you.

— 404 error - That page you reach when you to type in a web address that doesn't exist, or a link is dead. The website hosting server will often generate a "404 Not Found" web page when someone attempts to follow a broken or inactive link. Sometimes you won't get an error at all, which means that site owner usually doesn't know that link is dead at all.
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