007. Digital First in 2020 (A Year in Review)


released December 29, 2020
(recorded December 28, 2020) - 63 minutes

a) Tech News Headlines / Social Media Watch - Video conferencing is at the height of use from the ubiquity of Skype to the power of Zoom. Virtual Chat continues to be necessary, whether you're using Pure Chat or Podium, or Facebook Messaging. Social media trends in users via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube bring in further possibilities, and questions.

b) Industry News / 2020 Review: How do you handle controversial current events in your online presence? Whether you're discussing social unrest, pandemic panic, or political strife, you need to keep up on the comments, your accounts, and if you dare a public opinion: stick to it, or be gracious and abstain.

c) Industry News / 2020 Forecasts into Reality: What did the experts think 2020 would shape out to be? We talk social media, online sales, and search engine optimization.

eMarketer articles:
- US forecasting shocks 2020: Ecommerce and overall commerce
- Social networks will experience a pandemic-driven boost in 2020—but not equally

ComScore articles:
- Big 3’ Holiday Days Exceed $22 Billion in Online Spending, Grow 25 Percent Year-Over-Year

- So Long, 2020: A Comscore Year in Review

- 10 Youtube Statistics That You Need to Know in

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