080. Disaster Prep / Survival Guide: Internet Outage


released September 29 2021
(recorded September 26, 2021) - 51 minutes

Internet recovery must be part of your preparedness plan for your business. How do you handle an internet outage when all you want to do is provide customer service and sales? In this episode we will walk you through what’s needed to get your jewelry store’s internet connection temporarily back up and running until normal service is restored. Your store’s internet connection is a single point of failure that now needs a bit of rethinking to keep things running. That's up next on episode 80 of the Podcast (recorded September 26, 2021) Podcast is a production by Jeweler Websites Inc. hosted by Matthew Perosi and George Blair. Visit for show notes, attributions, and footnotes for this and all other episodes. Please rate, review, follow, and subscribe on your platform of choice.
AT: 09/29/2021 10:19:42 AM  

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