117. Privacy Please: Cookies, Tracking, and Personal Data Rights


released February 4, 2022
(recorded February 2, 2022) - 65 minutes

On today's episode of we are talking about personal privacy. In recent years, the topic of personal privacy usually relates to how our online activity can be translated into some type of targeted marketing. It’s commonplace to see cookie notifications on websites and tracking messages on smartphone apps; the existence of these messages has made everyone aware that they are being tracked. But what exactly is being tracked, and how is that information used? Our source for today’s podcast comes from a German Court that recently ruled on how using Google Fonts on your website is a violation of personal privacy. From the GDPR to the CCPA, understanding the differences in privacy laws is critical for every website. This is a very complicated topic that we’re digesting for you today. You’ll hear about the types of information that can be tracked, some methods of being tracked, and why user tracking is so important for helping you make better decisions in your jewelry store. Let’s dive in and break it down now…
AT: 02/04/2022 10:49:43 AM  

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