132. Fighting For Ranks


released March 29, 2022
(recorded March 27, 2022) - 1 hour, 2 minutes

On today’s episode of we’re talking about two relevant topics for your ecommerce website. Our first topic is shopping cart abandonment, which is the phrase we use to describe when someone puts an item in their shopping cart but doesn’t follow through with a checkout. We’ll share a few cute email marketing tactics used by one company to bring people back to the customer journey, and to complete their purchase. Speaking of the customer journey, in our second topic today we’ll go through a few actionable ideas on how to improve the ranking of individual product catalog webpages. Along with those ideas give you examples of how to improve your website’s ranking by breaking up some generic pages into more in-depth and useful pages. Although we’ve spoken about these topics before, we’re pretty sure today’s discussion will give you a new point of view and some new approaches to improving your jewelry site. Let’s dig in…

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How Can I Rank Informational & Product Pages On The Same Keyword? - A reader asks what to do when an informational page outranks a product page on the same website. See what an SEO expert has to say.
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