GlitterPaw Websites for the Jewelry Vendor

Jewelry vendor and manufacturers need a slightly different approach for their jewelry website design than the retailers that sell direct to consumers. Your website is more of a support tool for retailers and needs to offer product information while also directing consumers to the local stores.

Although we take the same approach creating vendor websites as we do with the retailers, on this page we've outlined a few extra special vendor features that are designed to improve the working relationship between you and your retailers.

Sketch of typical hand written notes by a jewelry vendor

Time Saving Features


Allow all retailers with a verified account to place orders online 24/7.

PO or Direct Purchase

Retailers can place orders using a purchase order that you invoice later, or they can pay directly through your website with their payment card.

Enhance Retailer Relationships

Show New Inventory

Use your website to announce new inventory instead of waiting for the next catalog or jewelry trade show.

Photo of a new jewelry style from a jewelry vendor

Notify Retailers

Send notifications to retailers when you finish adding new items to your online catalog.

Retail Store Locator

You've attracted a large following on social media that wants to know where to purchase your designs locally. Consumers can search by zip code to find their closest store.

Retailer Training Tool

Document every detail about each item you sell so retailer sales associates can refer back to your site when they need to answer consumer questions.

Downloadable Data

Retail can log in and download product photography and descriptions or you can provide it to them in CSV format.

Downloadable Catalogs

Offer PDF versions of your printed catalogs to your retailers. Offer retailers discount incentives if they go green and use your PDF catalog.

Marketing Material

Use your site as a marketing material distribution channel with a password protect area that's only accessible by those with approved accounts.

Brand Building

Retail Store Locator

Promoting large branding campaigns to generate consumer interest to your website? Set up a zip code search feature so consumers can find the closest retailer carrying your line.

Protect Your Brand

Full Password Protection

Need to lock down your website so only verified wholesale buyers can access it? We've got you covered! You can lock down your entire site so only trade members whom you verify can access it.

Every jewelry vendor has a unique way of operating. Talk to us to find out how we make jewelry web designs to enhance your workflow and retailer relationship.

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