A person walks into your store and says:
"I need to buy an engagement ring."

What do you ask them first?

Traditionally, you won't ask them what they want to buy, but rather, what styles the ring-recipient will like. Eventually you'll talk about what they have to spend and how you'll fit their request into that budget. They might choose the channel set engagement ring style shown below, but their budget will dictate the total carat weight they will buy. You are the jewelry expert that will help them get the largest diamonds they can on almost any budget.
Same engagement ring shown in different ctw

When you come to us for a website we take the same approach. We know the long term value of other systems like Shopify, Wix, and Wordpress, which are all considered to be do-it-yourself systems, and we know the long term value in what we are offering you. We can customize a jewelry website designed to meet the basic expectations of today's jewelry buyer, with the ability to expand as needed to meet their future expectations. The person shopping for an engagement ring isn't about to design the ring without the help of your professional expertise, similarly, we feel you need our professional expertise to build the best jewelry website design that would correctly represent who you are.

We build jewelry websites using Glitterpaw, which is not some simple CMS or ecommerce system, it's actually a complete omni-channel platform that can run your public website while also handling other things like inventory management, customer management, point-of-sale, and marketing. We start everyone off with the Glitterpaw Basic subscription, then guide you towards the goal of becoming an omni-channel jewelry brand. You can activate additional Glitterpaw feature bundles as your needs grow.

Now you can easily pay for the features you initially need, then expand the features of your jewelry ecommerce web design as your needs grow. We're confident that Gliterpaw is the better choice than any DIY jewelry website.

You are the jewelry expert; we are the jewelry website experts.

Our Jewelry Store Website Design Approach

We have more than 30 prebuilt jewelry website templates (we actually call them frameworks but the word 'template' is more popular) that were designed to work well with all the features available in Glitterpaw. Each framework has a unique header, content, and footer which can be mixed and matched for the needs and size of your website. With 27,000 combinations to choose from, and once we apply your branding artwork and colors, your website will seem like a unique custom design.

Scroll down a little more to see our existing jewelry store website templates, then take a look at the custom website development for jewelers that we've done. A few of our jewelry POS screens shown at the bottom of this page.

Jewelry Website Design Choices

Prebuilt Jewelry Website Templates & Themes

Choose a jewelry website design template that will deliver the information customers want, without letting trendy design features get in the way of usability.

View Jewelry Website Templates

Jewelry Website Custom Choices

Custom Jewelry Store Website Design

Have some ideas of what would be the best jewelry web design for your store? When you hire us to bring your idea to life we will balance your desired aesthetic with what we know about delivering the information your customers want before they buy from you, or even step foot into your store.

View Custom Jewelry Website Process

Sample screen shots of the GlitterPaw POS

Jewelry Website & Jewelry POS Approach

When setting up your jewelry website and jewelry POS side by side we'll make sure the design meets both the needs of your customers and your employees. Jewelry POS screens can be themed to match your company branding as well.

View Jewelry POS & Jewelry Website Details

As a jewelry website design company we recognize your every jeweler is unique and wants to make sure they've chosen the best jewelry web design that's possible. When you use the GlitterPaw platform along with a jewelry template you will connect to your customers through omnichannel marketing and enable you to skyrocket your sales despite the recession.

Jewelry Website Service Price List