114. Social Status: What's to Like?


released January 25, 2022
(recorded January 23, 2022) - 63 minutes

On today’s episode of we get to talking about the expanded understanding of social media and its impact on communicating with customers. The definition of a social network, and all of social media, keeps changing.Those social network memories from years ago, as simply a place to share random thoughts to others, are so different than what social media has evolved into. Social media has already replaced traditional marketing methods, including email. The features that turn any online service into a social media service are popping up everywhere, and those who seem to be glued to their smartphones are being influenced by those who have learned the skill to post good content. To explain how important social media influence is for your own jewelry brand, we’re digesting the incredibly fun and transparent approach one jewelry designer is using on TikTok. As you listen to this podcast episode, hopefully you’ll catch a few new ways to understand what social media is, and how you can approach it now that social media influencers have matured into a legitimate marketing medium. Let’s get into it…
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