116. Meta Freebies (Facebook Marketing You Don't Pay For)


released Feb 1, 2022
(recorded January 30, 2021) - 1 hour, 12 minutes

On today's episode of we are talking about your Facebook business page and how you can use nine different post types to increase your organic reach. When it comes to business pages on Facebook, we often talk about how limiting your organic reach is unless you boost your posts; which is often referred to as pay-to-play. But, organic reach isn’t completely dead, and there are a few ideas on how you can revive your organic reach so more people see your posts for free. We’re getting into those ideas today. Our source comes from an informative Social Media Examiner article, which we are happily digesting on the podcast. You’re sure to hear a few new golden nuggets of information about these nine Facebook posting methods, especially since we’re sharing our own related experiences with each of them. Let’s jump into it…
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