005. Removing the Guesswork in Personalization


released December 21, 2020
(recorded December 20, 2020) - 58 minutes

a) Introduction / Listener Mail: Hi, thank you for starting this podcast so that jewelers can learn from your experience. In your episode 4, you talked about using landing pages for different places on your site to visit and other social channels you use. Is this different than your homepage which would link to all of those things too? Thanks again. Happy Holidays.— Kathy, Atlanta; our response is in the opening segment.

Matt and George talk about the changes in seasonal buying, and the Whamageddon game.

b) Rethink Your eComm: Website Personalization is the strategy of creating customized experiences per visitor when they visit your website. Instead of only one broad experience, website personalization enables you to present your customers with unique, direct content, tailored to their needs, wants, and previous browsing history. This includes tracking user data, skipping assumptions, and observing predictive analytics.

Matt references a Forrester survey in the podcast in which 80% of US consumers are willing to share their personal details in exchange for a more personalized experience. He was actually referencing a survey from 2018. Instead of giving you that outdated link, here's an article from Forbes with a list of 50 other surveys that show the positive influence of personalization.

What's that word?
— Recommendation engine - a systematic process that suggests products, services, and information to a website's users based on analysis of their data.

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